SAAZOR – Hob technology and PVD coatings for highest demands



As hob manufacturer with seventhy-year long experience we can offer you solid hobs and solid carbide hobs. In addition, we can neutrally find the best solution for your process. For tools and PVD coatings you are in contact with one person only.

  • 70 years of experience
    70 years of experience

    committed to the customer by tradition

  • Inventor and leading manufacturer
    Inventor and leading manufacturer

  • Competitive prices
    Competitive prices

    due to the latest manufacturing methods

  • A quality-conscious production
    A quality-conscious production

    by consequent quality management

  • Meeting of deadlines
    Meeting of deadlines

    due to flexible process cycles

  • DIN ISO 9001:2008
    DIN ISO 9001:2008


Tool optimization of hobs

Every gearing process needs an individual solution. We can help you in optimizing your hob process. Please feel free to contact us.

Tool reconditioning

The manufacturer can professionally overhaul the hob. SAAZOR recoats, coats and edges your tools quickly, quality-consciously and on schedule.