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At a glance: The right gear hob for your application

Solid hobs

» Solid hobs

The steel hob achieved its breakthrough as a result of the ability to recoat at a reasonable price following the sharpening process.

  • Better profile form achieved through the use of a high number of gashes
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  • Good chip distribution reduces strain on the cutting edges
  • Reduction of set-up time through extendibility of shaft or tandem hobs
  • Closer manufacturing tolerances achieved by applying more precise grinding quality

Powder-metallurgical high-speed steel together with the respective hard coatings can also be used for dry hobbing.

Solid carbide hobs

» Solid carbide hobs

The carbide hob is particularly suited to large series production. It can only be used economically on the latest generation of modern hobbing machines.

  • Short production times through high cutting speeds
  • High quality surface finish
  • Suitable for dry machining
  • Very good service life, through use of appropriate hard-material coatings

Depending on the application, SAAZOR recommends the best suited type of carbide, hard-material coating and production technology.