Normal hobs:

  • Module and pitch division
  • Pressure angle
  • Reference profile forms according to DIN 3972, DIN 5480, DIN 5482 or other standards
  • Finished or pre-cutters
  • Size of the addition
  • Reference profile information
  • Grade AA - A according to DIN 3968 and AAA - AAAA according to other standards



Spline hobs:

  • Nominal dimensions according to DIN 5462 - 463 - 5464 - 5471 - 5472 - 9611 or other standards or special dimensions
  • Finished or pre-cutters
  • Specify tolerances for finished milling cutters
  • For pre-cutters, add grinding allowances to the nominal dimensions
  • Reference profile forms with or without cusps
  • Specifies the diameter with which a bundle is to be milled



Serration hobs:

  • Nominal diameter for serrations according to DIN 5481 or special profiles
  • Reference profile shapes



Sprocket hobs:

  • Division, roll diameter
  • Reference profile shapes according to DIN 8197 or other standards, or special profiles



Special hobs



Carbide skiving hobs



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